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Team Building Activities


Challenge your group with a variety of outdoor team building and problem solving activities. These include crate stack, spider's web, corporate maze, night-line and egg drop (see table below for description of each activity).

Why choose Vertical Descents?

Teams are central to the success of organisations and close attention to their ability to work efficiently produces dramatic results. Get everyone out of the office for a day or weekend, immerse them into the wilds of Cornwall and get a fresh energy back into your company.

What we do

• energise your workforce and build real team spirit
• create a space away from work where people get to know each other
• arrange a brilliant social event
• create positive attitudes and enthusiasm
• send you back a team that is energised with a refreshed outlook
Got a mixed ability group?
• No problem, we run customised team-building packages so that anyone can take part regardless of their age or physical fitness.

Every team is different and we will create a bespoke package that ticks all the boxes for your crew, just get in touch and we'll tailor one to your needs.

Activity descriptions

All activities available in Cornwall

Activity Brief description
Crate Stack Reach dizzy heights through effective teamwork and communication. Build as you climb, one crate at a time.
Spider's Web Pass your team safely through the giant web without getting trapped.
Corporate Maze Identify a route through the invisible grid, work as a team to memorise the safe path and get everyone from A to B.
Night Line Effective communication is the key to this blindfolded challenge. Learn from your mistakes and inform the person behind you in order to move safely along the line.
Egg Drop Using only the materials provided, work as a team to design and build a protective structure to save your precious egg from cracking under the pressure of THE DROP.