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Youth Group Activity Packages 

We believe all young people should be given the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities and that its benefits are far reaching. Challenging outdoor experiences and activities offer a stimulating environment to bring out the best in young people.

Our activities and programmes help young people by:

  • increasing self-esteem and self-respect through achieving reachable goals
  • developing and improving personal and social skills
  • providing powerful learning experiences through working creatively in a stimulating outdoor environment
  • developing a better understanding of themselves and those around them

Why choose Vertical Descents?

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We offer a wide selection of outdoor activities and programmes that appeal to young people and produce outstanding results. Our instructors are highly skilled, qualified and experienced and instil trust and belief into young people before, during and after the activities.

We have held our Adventurous Activities Licence (AAL) (HSE) since 2007.

Youth Group Activity Package

We offer an outstanding value price match guarantee for all our youth group activity packages.

Package Activities Pricing
Do It Duo! 
Confidence Builder  - 1 Day Package
Available in Fort William & Perthshire
Canyoning combined with a choice from
WW Rafting/ WWFunyakking/ WW River Bugging 


(10+) £85
(20+) £80
Try It All Trio!
Teambuliding & Confidence Builder - 2 Day Package
Available in Fort William/Oban & Perthshire
White Water activity & Canyoning combined with a choice of two Team Building activities*


(10+) £120
(20+) £110
 * see table below for examples of team building activities  




Examples of Specific Team Building Activities

If you have any other questions please just contact us and our team of friendly expert staff can help you.   

Activity Brief description
Crate Stack Reach dizzy heights through effective teamwork and communication. Build as you climb, one crate at a time.
Spider's Web Pass your team safely through the giant web without getting trapped.
Corporate Maze  Identify a route through the invisible grid, work as a team to memorise the safe path and get everyone from A to B.
Night line Effective communication is the key to this blindfolded challenge. Learn from your mistakes and inform the person behind you in order to move safely along the line.
Egg Drop Using only the materials provided, work as a team to design and build a protective structure to save your precious egg from cracking under the pressure of THE DROP.