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Outdoor Adventure Activities for School Groups 

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Our outdoor activities and schools' programmes offer powerful and meaningful outdoor learning experiences for school children. We understand the importance for children to be exposed to, and enjoy, outdoor environments and no one can underestimate the effect it can have on our young people.

We believe that all our young people deserve the opportunity to take part in safe and memorable experiences of the outdoor environment and outdoor activities.

With a current emphasis on Active Learning and Outdoor Learning through the Curriculum for Excellence there is no better time to get everyone out of the classroom and into our inspiring natural environment.

Our schools programmes and activity packages aim to develop:

  • an enjoyment of new challenges in an outdoor environment
  • problem solving skills
  • confidence
  • courage & leadership skills
  • effective teamwork
  • physical fitness

We do this by:

  • having highly trained and qualified staff who are professional, approachable and child friendly
  • creating a safe, nurturing and positive atmosphere
  • providing challenges appropriate to the learner group
  • providing adventurous activities involving controlled exposure to risk
  • creating bespoke programmes tailored to the needs of your group

We have held our Adventurous Activities Licence (AAL) (HSE) since 2007.

Examples of School Group Packages

We can run activities in various locations in the Fort William and Lochaber area, Oban and Perthshire.  Please contact us for further details and we can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget!

Package Activities Price per person

Problem Solving Outdoor Learning

1 day package - Available in Fort William/Oban/Perthshire Up to 5 activities - choose from specific team building/problem solving land challenges * Price dependent upon numbers in group and activity choice.  Please send us your specific learning experiences and outcomes.

Teambuilding Trio  

 2 day package - Available in Fort William/Oban/Perthshire 3 adventure activities - white water activity / canyoning / combined with a choice of three specific teambuilding/problem solving land challenges*  £130    Groups (10+) £120   Groups (20+) £110

Personal Development

2 day package - available in Fort William/Oban and Perthshire 3 adventure activities - white water activity/ canyoning / combined with a choice of land activity such as climbing & abseiling or mountain biking £130      Groups (10+) £120   Groups (20+) £110
* for examples of specfic teambuilding/problem solving land challenges - please see table below



Examples of Specific Team Building Activities

If you have any other questions please just contact us and our team of friendly expert staff can help you.   

Activity Brief description
Crate Stack Reach dizzy heights through effective teamwork and communication. Build as you climb, one crate at a time.
Spider's Web Pass your team safely through the giant web without getting trapped.
Corporate Maze  Identify a route through the invisible grid, work as a team to memorise the safe path and get everyone from A to B.
Night line Effective communication is the key to this blindfolded challenge. Learn from your mistakes and inform the person behind you in order to move safely along the line.
Egg Drop Using only the materials provided, work as a team to design and build a protective structure to save your precious egg from cracking under the pressure of THE DROP.