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Extreme Coasteering - UK

This is the Big One, be pushed further than you thought was possible. A longer Coasteering Adventure with more exposure to the elements and more jumps that will go bigger and better than you have been before. This should ensure the adrenaline is flowing throughout the Coasteer. We will teach you how to really work with the ocean to get on the natural rollercoaster using the swell to be pushed around. We will take you to places that you can’t access from the cliff tops and go to areas that are awe-inspiring.

Ideal for you

Extreme Coasteering is available for those people who have been Coasteering before. If your fit and can swim at least 100m in open water then this is the challenge you have been looking for. You need to be adventurous and up for anything with good strength and stamina to endure the 4 hours or more you will be Coasteering for.

Why Vertical Descents?

Because we can and we do! We take things to the extreme because we can and we have all the elements in place to make Extreme Coasteering possibly the most full on adventure going. Being experts in Coasteering we can ensure safety levels are high and adrenaline levels are higher. We can take you further and more extreme than you have ever been.


We can take you Extreme Coasteering in many places in Cornwall and Scotland but we do need to have the swell of the ocean to make it that little more spicy. SO if you like your curry hot... the North Coast of Cornwall is the Vindaloo of Coasteering.

Click here to spice it up on the North Coast of Cornwall Click here to go extreme on the east coast of Scotland


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