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Surf Lessons at Watergate Bay

Surfing in Newquay at Watergate Bay in Cornwall is one of Vertical Descents Best Activities

Surfing at Watergate Bay is a must try experience for everyone. Newquay is the UK's Surf City, the Mecca for all things surf. Newquay has some brilliant waves and beaches, the prime one being Watergate Bay. A classic beach for all surfers from beginner to experienced. Surfing lessons at Watergate Bay beach are great as we can choose a tide to suit your needs and surfing ability and ensure the waves are right for your progression. The vast beach can give us some mellow cruisey waves as well as punchy fast hollow ones. The long stretch of sand means it's always changing and we can always find a quiet little spot to give you the best surf coaching availlable. 

Why Choose Vertical Descents?

Surfing is a sport dear to our hearts and one we have been involved in for a long time. We have the latest Foam Surfboards made by C-Skins which have revolutionised the learning process. No longer do you stand on a lump of foam and stand to the beach. These boards are the real deal, you can surf them to the beach and they are still soft to ensure you have a safe lesson. We provide wetsuits that keep you warm whatever the weather or time of year and our coaches are seasoned veteran surfers that have travelled the world for perfect waves.

Based in Newquay the UK's Surfing Capital we can offer you the best lessons as we can choose waves to suit your needs and level. We have a dedicated surf school in town that has all equipment and shower facilities as well as only being a short walk to the beach.

Who is it for?

At our Surf School we offer body boarding, beginner to advanced level surf coaching, longboarding, video coaching and Stand Up Paddle Boarding. So whatever you ride and whatever your level, we can help you get the ultimate ride.


Everyday at 9.30am and 1.30pm and 4.30pm. Throughout the year, waves permitting. That is how good our wetsuits are!


Minimum age is 8, however it is more dependent upon if the child fits into our smallest wetsuit.   You do not need to be particularly fit, however you do need to be physically and mentally able to be comfortable in this sort of outdoor environment.

What do we need to bring?

A towel and something to wear under a wetsuit and warm clothes for afterwards. Sense of adventure and fun.

Where do we meet?

The beach is a short drive from our centre in Newquay so we will meet up at the time allotted at the centre and take the minibus or we can meet you at the beach, you will be told these details on booking. See the Google Map for our centre

What's Included?

All specialist equipment, refreshments afterwards, fancy dress outfit for the special person in the group, photographs taken during the activity. A low instructor participant ratio.