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Power Kiting in Fowey

Power Kiting is one of the most exciting beach thrills, Why not try it with us in the Fowey Area? Under the supervision of a qualified power kite instructor you can feel the power of the wind and enjoy the thrill of being pulled around by a kite on Par Beach. We also offer land boarding and buggy Kiting, so if you want to have a great day on the beach then this is the sport for you.

Join Us on Par Beach for a great time power kiting either for a begginer lesson, a full day or advanced skills. The beach is huge and the area we have to Kite is Great for learning and advancing skills. The prevailing SW winds ensure we have a constant flow of wind for our Kite lessons in Fowey. 

Location Description Price pp Duration
Par beach Begginer lesson to introduce you to Power kite flying  £55 1.5 hrs 
Par beach  121 /221 Power Kite Lesson £120/£100 1.5 hrs 
Par beach  Power kite lesson followed by Kite Buggy - COMBO £120 3 hrs
Par  beach Kite Buggy Or Landboarding Lesson(already completed a Power Kite Lesson £70 1.5 hrs
Par beach 121 /221 Kite Buggy (already completed a Power Kite Lesson) £120 1.5 hrs
Par beach 121/221 Kite Buggy - COMBO (INCLUDES POWER KITE LESSON) £240 3 hrs


Why Choose Vertical descents?

Vertical Descent has been running Power Kiting lessons for over 15 years now and has a very good success and safety record. Being coached by one of our experienced BKSA qualified Instructors will give you all the knowledge you need to scudding down the beach in no time at all. You will learn everything from setting up a kite to packing it away, power dragging down the beach to loop the loops.
Come and be taught by the best, we specialize in Kiting on Land. With our latest kite range from HQ kites you will experience the thrill of the wind.

Who's it for

Beginner to intermediate level power kiting lessons are available to all groups and individuals. Power kiting lessons are available for 2hr lesson or Combo 4 hr lesson. We also offer 121 coaching.

Whats Included

  • All Equipment - A full range of Kites
  • Full Qualified Expert Instructor 
  • 2 or 4 hour lesson
  • Beach Safety / Warm up & Practise / Kite Coaching / Lesson Review


" Power Kiting was much more fun than we ever thought it would be and we now both own a kite and want to come on a Kite Buggy lesson with you guys. Thanks for inspiring us to get a new hobby." Tom and Alison - Hull- 2012

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