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Kite Buggying

Kite Buggying is a great sport for all those who have had a go at Power kiting and want to progress on to something new. We offer Kite lessons through out the year for all ages and abilities. Kite Buggy Lessons and kite landboarding lessons can be adapted to suit everyone young or old, experienced or not.

Kite Buggy

Kite Buggying is the most exhilarating of all kite land sports. Sitting in a three-wheel buggy only a few inches off the ground, controlling the steering with your feet and the accelerator with your arms it is an all action activity, which is great for everyone. Coached on how to control the buggy and kite together you will find yourselves moving around in no time at all.

Lessons are 1 to 6 participants

1-2-1 lessons available and advanced tuiton.

If you have no Power kiting experience, we highly reccommend you book a full day Kite Buggy lesson which includes a 2 hour Power Kite lesson prior to the Kite Buggy tuiton. If you have any questions or are unsure which Kite Buggy lesson to book - give us a call today on 0789 126 4342


Location Description Price pp Duration
Watergate Bay, Par beach, Perranporth Beach and Gwithian Beach  Kite Buggying beginner lesson £45 2 hrs
Watergate Bay, Par beach, Perranporth Beach and Gwithian Beach Power Kite lesson followed by Kite buggy intro lesson £75 2x 2 hrs
Watergate Bay, Par beach, Perranporth Beach and Gwithian Beach Kite Landboarding Beginner lesson £45 2 hrs
Watergate Bay, Par beach, Perranporth Beach and Gwithian Beach Kite Buggy or Landboard Progressor lesson £45 2 hrs
one to one tuition £60 Per hr
Group and family discounts availble upon request - look at our price lists

Kite Buggy and Landboarding in Newquay Cornwall

Being based in Newquay we offer Kite Buggy lessons everyday at Watergate Bay beach. The open sands of the 2 mile long beach enables us to offer brilliant lessons for kite buggy and landboard from beginner to advanced level.

Kite Buggy and Landboarding lessons in Newquay are unfortunately tide and wind dependant. Using the beach means that we need the tide to be low or at least going out. It also means that we need wind that comes from the sea in order to run a successful lesson. The high cliffs of Watergate Bay mean that any form of easterly wind means that the beach is sheltered from the wind. However we are lucky in Cornwall to have predominent winds from the south west, enabling great lessons to take place most of the time. 

Kite Buggy and Kite Landboarding is also available at Gwithian, Perranporth, Par, Padstow, Cornwall.

Why Choose Vertical Descents?

Our BKSA Instructor who are as enthusiastic about Buggying and Landboarding on there days off as they are about taking a lesson will teach you from start to finish all the elements to get you riding and sliding in our shiny Peter Llyn Buggies and ripping down the beach on our Mountain boards with style and finess. We teach you to get going along the beach, turn, stop, ride across the wind and hopefully get you doing skid turns and moving at full power.

Who is this for?

We offer beginner to advanced riding lessons and can teach everything from getting started to doing those airs you have always dreamed of doing. Lessons are available to age 12 upwards and open to individuals, groups, couples and families.

Whats included?

  • All Equipment - Kites, helmet, pads, Boards and Buggies
  • Full Qualified Expert Instructor 
  • 2 or a 4 hour lesson
  • Beach Safety / Warm up & Practise / Kite lesson / Lesson Review 


" Thanks Guys! We had an epic holiday in Cornwall with you. The boys haven't stopped talking about it since we've arrived home. Thank you again for helping us pick and buy our own boards afterwards. We can't wait to see you next year." Cathy - London 

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