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Jet Ski Coasteering in Newquay

Exclusive to Vertical Descents. We are the only operator in the UK offering Jet Ski Coasteering.

What is it?

If you like the sound of coasteering and also like the sound of jumping on a jet ski and going full tilt around the cliff line sitting or lying on a super charged water bike, then this is the combination you have been looking for.

During your adventure of coasteering our jet ski pilot will turn up on the latest super charged jet ski to take you and your group on a super tour of the cliff, where you will get to see what you have been jumping from at super speeds. You will then be brought back to the group to finish your coasteering trip, not only buzzing from the trip but buzzing from the exhilaration of the speed you can travel only a few inches off the water. A perfect combination for that maximised adrenaline rush.

Route Description Time Cost
The Point An epic trip with some great islands to circumnavigate on the ski. The ultimate coasteering trip. 3 hrs £60
The Gazzle The best all round coasteering available with the jet ski to throw in some extra spice. 3 hrs £60

Ideal for you

Jet ski coasteering is available for everyone as we can tailor it to suit each individual's needs. It’s a great team building activity, educational trip and adventure all rolled into one. It’s the ideal activity for anyone who can put on a wetsuit and swim a little and has an adventurous spirit. However, this is only available to groups of 6 people or more.

Why choose Vertical Descents?

Easy.... we are the only company in the UK offering this amazing experience.   


" Wow, Jet Ski Coasteering is truly amazing. The speed you go on the ski is incredible and being able to see the outer islands was cool. Coasteering is great and this add on feature makes it even better. Thanks Vertical Descents you made my Stag party epic. " John the Stag, Manchester. 

Jet Ski Coasteering in Newquay Meeting Point

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