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Spring Activities: Eco Coasteering in Cornwall

Now the UK is finally enjoying some sun, it’s time we got out there and experienced it! Typically us Brits love the seaside, but have you ever thought about experiencing it in a different way? What could be better than an adventurous day out filled with amazing memories and an ultimate up close and personal education in local wildlife? It’s time to get off your deck chair and don your wetsuit with eco coasteering.

Is Coasteering for me?

Coasteering is relatively well known but for those asking what is coasteering? Look no further! Coasteering is an exciting way to see the Cornwall coastline, and Eco coasteering is a more relaxed version without the amped up adrenaline of a typical session, taking the thrill level down a peg or two allows you to relish in the amazing sights the coast has to offer.

This outdoor adventure in Cornwall will take you on a tour of the coast that is not normally accessed and show you the wonderful collection of geology and creatures that reside there. You will be guided around the impact zone, where the water splashes to the rocks and learn all about the sea life and ocean surrounding our island. Eco coasteering will equip you with knowledge that will last a lifetime, and assures that you will always have unique facts to wow your friends and family with!

Eco Coasteering is an exciting family day out that everyone will love! You will hear amazing information about the wildlife that surrounds our coast that many of us will never have a chance to see other than on TV. Imagine coming face to face with a dolphin or stunning grey seal? You won’t only have the possibility of meeting mammals, but the smallest of crustaceans too, you will get to say hello to the shy hermit crab, if he stays out his shell long enough and learn about sea sponges and starfish that live in our rock pools.

Who might we meet?

  • Grey seals
  • Dolphins
  • Clingfish
  • Crustaceans
  • Starfish
  • Coral
  • Much more!

We run our eco coasteering tours during low tide in order to allow us into the caves that are normally hidden under water, you will be transported to a secret land only available during part of the day and be given access to wildlife you would never come across sitting with a 99 on the sand. We have carefully crafted our tours in order to find the best wildlife that will make your jaw drop.

Family Friendly

Eco coasteering is perfect for all the family, and anyone who can swim and don a wetsuit is welcome to experience this watery wonderland. Though not of all us of are ready for the excitement of jumping into the water, wetsuit and all, but not to worry, we have something suitable for even the little ones who need an activity more subdued. Why not try our Rock Pool Ramble, where you will be taken on a tour of the underwater world that hides on our coast. Our expert team promise you will see creatures you never knew existed!  Our Rock Pool Ramble is available:

  • Newquay
  • Padstow
  • St Ives
  • £25pp


Experienced Staff

Here at Vertical Descents we pride ourselves on only employing the most expert team to guide you through your Cornwall coasteering adventure. Each excursion leader is passionate about the sea and the wildlife you can find there, our resident expert in ocean science will make sure there are no questions left unanswered about the sea life you will meet on this adventure!

Remember to bring something to wear under a wetsuit, shoes that can get wet and a towel and warm clothes for afterwards and of course a sense of fun and adventure! If you are booked on to full day trip of coasteering in Cornwall please bring food and water for the day. Contact us for more information.