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Surf Rafting a New Activity

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Surf Rafting

Vertical Descents has developed a new activity, combining White water rafting and Surfing we have created Surf Rafting. This unique activitiy allows groups of people to surf the waves together. 

Loading up one of our specially made Surf Rafts with 6 people we will take you out on a great adventure in the Surf. Steered by a raft guide and Lifeguard you will be in safe hands powering down the face of waves and screaming all the way to the beach. 

Surfing in a raft came to us from wanting a group activity that we could offer to people who want to have fun together doing something that is adrenlin fuelled. Surf Rafting ticks all the boxes. 

We can take you on the flat water to warm up, exploring the coastline before moving over to a beach and getting stick into the waves. 

This is a must do activity for everyone. An exclusive activity for us and some of the most fun we have ever had in a raft and on the waves. Come and have a go and take advantage of our introductory offer of fiil a raft and your 6th person goes free. 

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Check it out on our facebook page here - video and all. So much fun follow this link -



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